Another Vessel Ministry
Another Vessel Ministry

My wife Stephanie and I have endured many things in our lives.
Some because of generational curses, some because of other
people and some because of our choices, but through all of the
things we suffered, we know that we didn't make it through
because we were smart or strong. It was and still is because of the
grace, mercy and love of God.

Our ministry is for the saving of souls and to worship, praise and
give God the glory that is his alone. Healing the broken hearted,
setting the captives free, lifting up the down trodden, and giving
love to those that feel they are not lovable. Teaching the word of
God by example of the way we live. We give others hope in that
Jesus died and was resurrected so that our sins would be forgiven.
We stand resurrected with him being the living example of his
healing power.

We all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God, but
by the power of the blood and his holy spirit we may come boldly
before his throne of grace that we may receive the mercy that we
cannot earn.

If your are tired, hurt and don't know what to do, this is the ministry
for you. Come just as you are.
Let go of your religion, come and re-establish the loving
relationship with our father and savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor: Edward & Stephanie Hobbs